Spring Rains Swell the Pond.


Walden Pond from Ice Fort Cove Point, January 22 2016.

When I took this photo in January 2016 I could hardly have imagined it would lead me to this place. Standing on the point, the entry to Ice Fort Cove, perhaps I was thinking of the many times as I lifted my head above the water I drew an imaginary line between it and where my body was splashing through the surface of Walden. Perhaps I was wishing the winter be over so I could dive back into the water and feel that sense of freedom which accompanied being in the vastness of that mass.

Only that mass of water was shrinking…

For a while, she mask it, the snow creeping to the water’s edge to meet the ice. But in the months that followed the water seemed to become self conscious of the way she sprawled across the land. Urged by the scorch of the sun, the sand became as arid as a desert and the water retreated further and further into the deep bowl of the earth. So that in January 2017, when I trekked across the shore to Ice Fort Cove to photograph that same stump it was unmistakable.


Walden from Ice Fort Cove point, January 16 2017.

I decided to investigate…
I researched precipitation totals (wunderground.com for Bedford Ma; KBED) grouping them into the following:

Jan-Apr 2016: 4.95 inches
May-Aug ’16: 4.83 inches
Sept-Dec ’16: 11.97 inches
Jan-Apr 2017: 11.69 inches

Over the last eight months we have had almost two and a half times more precipitation than we did in the first eight months for the period I researched!


Since January I have made numerous journeys around the shores of Walden. On some I have taken photos of the stump. Like so many of Walden’s visitors I am concerned for the continued low water levels of the pond, wondering when the water will swell enough to fully fill the space it once inhabited; wondering whether this is cyclical, as some suggest, or related to the changes occurring in global climatic conditions…

I cannot answer these questions… But I can say that little by little it seems all those grey days and the drenching rains we in Boston have experienced over the recent months are making a difference.

At least this is what my photos are telling me…


Walden from Ice Fort Cove Point, March 18 2017.


Walden from Ice Cove Fort Point, April 28 2017.