Along the Shoreline …

Now that summer has unofficially begun and the swimming season is officially underway I want to share some photos showing the transformation of Walden from wilderness to public recreation area.



Despite the still cool water (only a degree or two above 60) and the less than desirably cool air temperature (not touching 70) the beach was beginning to brim by the time I finished my swim this afternoon. It was still pretty easy to navigate a path through the water  without colliding though.

Yes… Despite the weather, the season begins!




Reflections of Summer I


Another languid summer day
As fall approaches fast.
A gentle breeze brushes past
A low pitched murmur,
Punctuated by an occasional screech
or delighted shriek…

Sand speckled with beach chairs
Blue, green
Towels strewn carelessly
Table clothes for tupperware tossed with fruit.
Grapes, apple slices, melon.

Morning on a school day
Mothers bring their younger ones
Digging in the sand.
While watching over
Older siblings not in school
Heads bobbing,
Spray splashing.

A toddler chases toddler sized ball
Into shallow water
Beyond figures standing
Knee deep further in.
Lifeguards, ropes all disappeared.
The season gone another year.

Mothers standing chatting. Eye to
Their offspring.
Another gazing over
Blue reflection of the sky.