A Photographic Tour of Winter at Walden

It’s been too long since I have written, and too many aches and pains… from falling on my face on concrete, no breaks, except my glasses, just bruised and scratched and my ego battered, to a abscess following dental work. I’m already looking forward to 2018 getting better!

And already two weeks have skimmed by and we have come from the deep freeze of the arctic (and possibly going back into the freezer…eik!!!!) to enjoy a couple of days when the sun peeked through and the temperature almost registered 50 degrees. At first I felt uncomfortably hot. (Perhaps it was that tooth infection that did it!) Then I bathed in the comfort of not having to don layer upon layer of clothing and unwind my neck from circuits of my scarf when I went from outside to in.

Looking back over the past month, and yes, back to the last year, I want to share with you some of the more pleasing aspects of winter …from the first of the snow for the season to the Bombogenisis, (a snow hurricane ..a new word we on the east coast of the US added to our vocabularies just over a week ago) and to the most recent January thaw.

The dates are noted before the groups of photos
…and you can click on them to enlarge them!


December 9 2017 …. During the storm



December 10 2017 …. After the sun returns




December 17 2017 …First ice forms on the pond



December 27 2017 …. More ice on Walden




December 30 2017 … Another snow fall and Walden under ice 4 inches thick



January 6 2018 … After the bombogenisis …. Walden’s waves of snow





January 13 2018 … Thawing out in mid January





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