From Snow an Ice to Heat Haze

As I drove past Walden during the beginnings of the second of Boston’s winter storms that have hit this past week I slowed my car to take this photo.


It was Sunday afternoon around 4.15 pm, too early for Walden’s gates to be closed, but the “in” gate had been shut. No one was in sight. No one, except me crawling along the road. I was returning home to Lincoln, where I recently rented an apartment. To where I tell friends I am doing my “Thoreau stint” living closer to nature. I was inching my way along the snowy road.

I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that in just under a week I will be traveling to the other side of the globe to where the earth is burning and the atmosphere is shimmering with heat haze; going home to Australia to see my mum who sweats into the phone telling me it is 43 degrees celsius (over 100 degrees fahrenheit) “and humid. And it has been like this for weeks on and off.”

I wonder how my body will cope? How it will adapt to the dramatic change in temperature. How my eyes will adapt to the change in light and color as I leave this pristine white land and fly into the rich blue skies. As I fly across the harbor, peering down on Sydney from above. The arc of that bridge which spans the ocean, the sails of the Opera House that seem to drift off the shores of Bennelong Point as if to sail under that massive grey bridge. …But for now I keep my eyes on the road, appreciating the long slender limbs of the trees, dressed in their robes of snow and the soft white flakes falling on the windshield.



Dear Readers … I will be away for a few weeks, so while I won’t be around to post pictures of pristine snow at Walden …I am happy to share a few of (hopefully) blue sky and beaches in Sydney and environs.

I hope you’ll keep reading and watching for my return in mid March when I’ll be back at Walden drinking in the wonders of her tranquil atmosphere and scenery.

With Gratitude and Sincerity



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