Walden Wanderings


When I look back at the photos I took at Walden earlier this week, I sense how wild she has become. Perhaps it was the shadow as I set off along the southern shore. Perhaps it was my mind, superimposing my thoughts onto what I saw as I walked around the pond, wrapping my coat tight around me to shelter from the bitter winter wind. Thinking about how it seemed that the lack of sufficient snow and ice had left her deserted.

There were no fishermen. Too cold for the regular season’s fishing from small boats or fishermen standing thigh deep in wadders or on the beach. Insufficient ice for the ice fishermen. There were no skaters carving patterns in the ice for there was scarcely any ice, and that which there was, only a thin crust, so fragile it fell away under the toe of my shoe when I touched it. There were no ski trails or snowshoe tracks around the pond, though on Thursday when I walked there was still a smear of snow spread around the most of the shoreline. And even though the pond herself was carved into sections of ice and water, as though lanes of a swimming pool and the sun was out while I was walking, there were no hardy souls venturing into the water.


Only a handful of others, walking along the shore or the path that skirted it, talking, taking photos or gazing into the distance.





2 thoughts on “Walden Wanderings

  1. Liz: Went to the Walden yesterday for a hike with blue sky and puff clouds, just like the summer. A couple people skating along the banks with the sounds of their edges cutting the ice with their skates.
    Cold but fun. So good seeing the Pond. Went in the new visitor center which looks now like it is a living space with both calm and excitement permeating. The video which I just caught the end written by Ken Burns comparing Thoreau with the likes of Gandhi and MLK. I think I want to learn how to be an interpreter. Thanks as always for writing this blog. Mark


    • sounds like it was a good visit Mark …as they always are 🙂 the ice maybe a little thicker than Thursday ! The video also sounds worth seeing ..I will have to add it to my next trip to the pond ..I wonder if they show it during the week or only on the weekends as I have not noticed it playing yet when I have been in or wandering by the center !
      Be well and stay warm, liz


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