Walden’s Unexpected Visitors

In one of my evening meditations this week the image of water came to me. Like a river flowing through me the word kept appearing in my mind’s eye. Swelling and disappearing like ocean waves.
I had no idea what it meant but it led me to Walden.

When I arrived the beach was deserted except for a group of four adults near the water’s edge. Just out of reach of them three white birds were playing. I stared at them wondering what they were. They seemed larger than the water birds I had seen at Walden before. Then it dawned on me. They were white swans.
I couldn’t remember ever seeing swans at Walden before.



I walked quietly but quickly toward the water, closest to where the swans were playing. I didn’t want to disturb them and have the swim further away. Would they sense my excitement? Was this why I had come today? I felt like I had been given a unique and wonderful gift.

I remembered being told that swans usually mate for life, so the fact that there were three of them intrigued me. One turned tail and started swimming over toward the boat ramp. Scanning where he was off to I spotted another white feathery flag sticking out of the water. His mate was on the other side of the pond. He was off to join her.

Meanwhile the other two started playing. One nipping the other, followed by the other turning his/her back on him. Then one would suddenly do a vertical dive leaving his body pointing upright out of the water. The other would follow him. It was like watching two lovers at play!


I stood watching them for quite a while before continuing with my plan to do a sitting meditation. The thrill of seeing the birds playing had opened my heart to the wonders of nature and the unexpected surprises that she brings.

Sitting in the sun with my eyes closed, listening to the water gently lapping the sand and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees imbued me with an instant calm before I continued with my hectic weekday afternoon.



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