Walking Meditation


This week I tried something different while walking around Walden. Instead of taking photos I focused on staying the moment of listening and watching and sensing what was happening around me.

It’s called “mindfulness” and I decided to take what I have been learning in the classroom out into the woods.


So I set out with a “mantra” … I AM AT PEACE which I repeated in time with my gait … left, right, left (I AM) … right, left, right (AT PEACE) …. coupled with some nice deep belly breaths for the most part in time with my footsteps.

The good news in that when I slipped up, as I inevitably did (many times), I kept returning to it to try again ….

The even better news is that I will have many many more walks around Walden this winter to keep trying and hopefully get a little better each time!

Happy meditating 🙂



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