On Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Morning I walk the sandy bank that skirts the pond. I am alone. I have come for a time of quiet reflection.


A stick, reflected in Walden.

Today I am beyond the want of swimming. I begin my journey by rejoicing in the endeavors of a friend. I see him, bare skinned, broad shouldered and still tanned from summer, leaning against the wall. I hasten to say hello. He did not bring his wetsuit today so it will be a quick swim he tells me. “But normally I am fine with layers and a hood, though I take the hood off the way back to get that “buzz”” he confides in me. I applaud his ability to tolerate the cold that has chased me out of Walden some weeks ago. With his mention of the “buzz”, memories stir inside and a smile spreads from my face down to my heart. I too know that buzz and the magical ways it shapes my thoughts. For a moment I reach for it as my eyes scan the grey mass of water in front of me.
When I leave him to continue on my walk down the beach I am still beaming inside. I turn and look back to watch him plunge in, capturing the splash he creates amongst the reflections of coated onlookers on the sand.


The splash, amongst the reflections of coated onlookers.

I continue to walk in silence, reflecting what Walden is today. Occasionally I am passed by other walkers chatting. I smile. Occasionally a smile returns which penetrates deep inside. Another lone walker, an older woman, sitting on a rock contemplating the pond. Her smiles stays with me as I continue along my way. A family group who appear from over the railway tracks and the trail from Fairhaven Bay, their small dog wandering down to the pond edge. I stop to talk to the “dad” about dogs and life in Lincoln where they live. They have walked from their home on the bay. And another family at the main beach who ask if I will take their photo. I recognize their accents as Australian and we begin talking about being expatriates and what it would be like returning to live in Sydney.
Suddenly my walk has become more than I imagined; a smorgasbord of reflections beyond the banks of Walden.


Beyond the banks of Walden

And of course there is always Jesi. I could never come here without reflecting on all the wonderful times I shared with Jesi here.


Jesi, aged 16. Her last visit to Walden on May 11 2014.


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