Summer’s Over and Now … What’s in Store

Even before the buoys were dragged from the pond on Tuesday there were few kids paddling and swimmers stroking inside their boundaries. And the lifeguards seemed to return to school early this year. The towers were vacant for a week prior to the holiday to end the holidays.

Even before Labor Day the morning temperatures began hinting the coming Fall. And since, the skies have clouded over and the rain that stubbornly withheld her bounty from the earth for the length and breadth of summer began to fall like a fine mist. Quenching nothing at first, not the receding skin of the pond, not the woods, not the sand. Yet the clouds and grey mass above continued to gather and threaten the summer away.


It’s been a quiet week at Walden … Although even that threatens to change as the temperatures climb back into summer as the weekend approaches …




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