A Different Orientation

These past two weeks I have been arriving at the pond earlier; the beach often almost deserted. I cherish this quiet start to my day. The unhurried ambience of the water before the wind picks up. Some days the pond has been as still as a mirror. Then for the past two, again she has tossed me and rocked me in her arms.

But back to the beach. I have a new routine before I even get my toes wet. All summer I have been doing PT on my shoulders. Last week my PT gave me shoulder stretches to do, lying on my towel, before I swim.
Oh no my first thought on hearing her instructions. Lying down and doing stretches!!! It wasn’t what everyone would think that bothered me. Swimmers ought to stretch out their shoulders to prevent injuries. (perhaps that’s why I’m in PT!) It was more the doing them lying down. Still, I am sick of the nagging pain, and my neck (yes, we have been through the neck stretch routine too) is feeling better. So why not!
I grabbed an extra towel, and went to the pond a little earlier to compensate for the extra time needed… and made a discovery.

It’s actually pretty cool to view Walden from ground level while circling my arm around my shoulder joint. I followed my arm first above the water line, then above the tree line as it cloaked the pond from south to north (and when circling in the other direction, north to south) and then above the trees as they towered above me. And it was meditative. It loosened my mind as well as my shoulder.
I tried to capture it on my i phone, but as you see …. that part was not so successful.


But what was, was my swimming. Even though it was a little hard to want to get up and get in the water; lying there looking at Walden from a different perspective, becoming part of the morning that was beginning, when I eventually did, my stroke felt so relaxed, and my breath and body roll so rhythmic, I felt as if I truly belonged in the water.


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