No Sign Yet?

Yesterday when I arrived at the pond it was overcast and threatening rain. There were few cars in the parking lot and few towels on the beach. The sound of laughter ringing from the shallows was also missing. As I walked down the ramp to the pond I listened instead to the birds chirping and insects humming in the woods. But there was one sound which made me curious. It is almost the end of July and as I walked around the barriers cordoning off the newly landscaped gardens adjacent to the replica of Thoreau’s cottage, the searing and drilling and banging of construction still overshadowed the calls of the birds.
I have no real knowledge about the construction industry, nor have I seen anyone to ask over the past few days, but it seems to me the visitors center may not be as close to opening as I had expected.

Surely if August 1 is to be the opening day, then the finishing touches would be internal by now and the large equipment would have vanished from the site?

As I said, I am no expert, and perhaps there are those of you who have more information … I’d be interested to know.

I didn’t make it to the pond this morning. I have been plagued by a tenacious migraine this week 😦 … which I hope will let go of its hold enough so I can investigate further tomorrow.

I miss my morning ritual and how it sets my psyche for the new day. So I look forward to seeing what progress has been made when I wander the familiar path again.


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