Thinking about Henry


The statue of Thoreau striding purposely with his arm raised – perhaps he is speaking and bent on making some point or other to an imaginary crowd – often draws the attention of passers by making their way to the pond. And more than once I have seen groups of tourists or families pose to have their photos taken with him. I have even seen cell phones placed in his outstretched hand (the i phone seems to fit perfectly) I have seen parents and children engaged in conversation about him. Groups of tourists often gather for DCR guided events that chronicle Henry’s two years two months and two days living on the banks of Walden Pond or other aspects of life around Walden. Occasionally children play near him.
This morning, as I was passing, a small child was almost swinging from his outstretched hand. It was her small hand in his which prompted me to notice the discrepancy between his seemingly large hands, his small stature and the length of his stride. I must have walked past him hundreds of times without thinking twice about him… in such a hurry to get to the pond. As I walked past her, the young girl darted around the back of Henry, inspecting his satchel. No doubt wondering what he carried in it.
Now, as the visual barriers to the visitors center gardens are coming down, Henry is expanding his outlook… as will we all soon will be.


I wonder what Henry is thinking about regarding his new view of life in the woods?


Henry posing with me 🙂


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