Getting Ready for the New Visitors Center

Watching the workmen struggling under one of the carefully shaped and smoothed tree trunks lying along the dirt walkway; it is to provide seating as visitors make their way from the DCR’s New Visitor Center to the pond I had to comment, “Wow, that’s some reversing job you guys did.” Behind them, wedged neatly between two trees and just to the right of the statue of Thoreau (outside the entrance of the replica of his house), was a small forklift. In its jaws, the tree trunk the men were working under, sweating in the heat and humidity of the summer morning while they twisted a metal base into place to elevate it. As I walked on I wished I had my phone with me to take a photo but I was hurrying off for my morning swim. When I returned and saw it and the other few “seats” all sitting on their metal bases I commented “Well, I see you got the forklift out then.”
“Piece of cake,” one of the guys answered.
“I wish I had been there to see it but I was in the middle of the pond.”
“I wish I’d been there,” he replied.
“Certainly was quieter than it was here I imagine.” It was only about 10 am yet already the pond was closed due to parking reaching capacity.
When I changed I did bring my phone back and take some photos, managing to capture the last of the work the men were doing. That is when the idea for this blog post germinated.

It’s a little under a month now until the New Visitors Center at Walden Pond is due to open and I thought I would share some photos. This morning I was wandering around the perimeter of the fence looking for the best angle to put my phone up to the cyclone wiring when I bumped into one of my DCR buddies. I mentioned to him I wanted to take some photos to put up on my blog. The landscaper happened to be walking by.
“Hey, can you let her in so she can take some photos?” he asked.
“Sure,” the landscaper replied, opening the cyclone fence and leading the way.
He proceeded to tell me the landscaping would be completed in a week. “only another hundred natives to be planted.” I already knew that the visitor center itself was scheduled to be completed by August 1.

Wandering around and looking at the amazing variety of plants it is easy to imagine that there are over a thousand natives here, including native and wild blueberries, (Yes, they are meant to be picked by visitors). What isn’t so easy for a novice like me to imagine is how anyone could plan all this, but then I guess that’s why I just swim across the pond and admire the work of others on the land, while others do the planning and layout and execution of it ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t wait to see the finished visitors center and gardens … and not long now, (and the real bathrooms too!!!)


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