Mothers and Memories of Walden

This afternoon’s pale blue Mother’s Day sky was a startling contrast to the grey skies, drizzle and downpour that Boston has seen for the past eight days.

Instead of visiting Walden have been immersed in the continued cleaning and culling of my possessions, sifting through photos dating back as far as the 1970’s, when a younger self hiked the mountains in my homeland Australia…  to those of my early days in Boston, some sixteen years ago. It was here that I came across these photos of my days as a young mother (or as a mother of young children) and the times we spent at Walden….


My young children with their grandmother (my mum) playing at the water’s edge.

In some respects the grey skies letting forth anything from drizzle to downpour these past eight days were comforting. I was not compelled to swim, or to go to Walden and given the too numerous possessions I have gathered over the years (and my need to have everything sorted and stacked and stored by the end of the month) I really could not afford the time. Many times I was reminded of what I aspire to, and that which Thoreau espoused Simplify, Simplify, especially as I dragged bag after bag to the curb to trash and recycle this afternoon.

I am looking forward to more sunshine and warmer weather when I can enjoy Walden with the knowledge that I have what I need and no more.




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