Under Snow and Ice

The snow is falling in Boston. It has been falling since the darkness lifted from the earth this morning and it is almost time for the next darkness to come and it still falls. It is the biggest snow storm Boston has seen all winter, probably half a foot of snow fallen from the sky.

The sky is almost all drained of the tiny white balls now so the wind takes over, whipping it into the air so it may fall again. If I look out one window it is a whiteout. Another, I see a mist of small white streaks moving horizontally across my view.


Yesterday I wondered if Walden was all water again. It was 55 degrees and the reservoirs and ponds I drove past, wishing all the while I had time to deviate down Route 2 and drive to Walden, were water. Today I sit in an airport lounge, waiting and watching an unending delay of planes file past the window. My daughter and I are flying to Cleveland for the night so she can attend an interview at Oberlin Conservatory tomorrow. At Walden I imagine the pond is a whiteout, lying somewhere under all that snow.

On Monday Walden was almost water. And that was before the temperature had climbed unseasonably high, pushing its way out of winter, making even the birds believe it was Spring. [If you have ever lived in the north east of the United States you will learn, as I have, the subtle influence of season on birdsong… it seems uncannily different as the weather finally warms.] Ever since I have lived here, it seems there has been birdsong all winter, despite the temperatures being more seasonal, less erratic … and Walden being predictably ice by the second week of January.

Perhaps this year, with more snow in the forecast for Boston, Walden will be ice by the second week of February.


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