Searching for Peace

I’ve hardly seen the sun all week. So when on Thursday, from behind the silver-grey glow, the sky revealed at first a faint, and then a richer sphere of blue, I found myself at Walden.

IMG_5522 (1)
I did not know what urged me to go. I only knew that when I saw the water of Spy Pond had turned to ice… that when I stared into her silent face and she stared blankly back at me, I suddenly wanted to be at Walden.

I wanted her to be still and silent and for her tranquility to infuse my bones and breath. I wanted her to be ice.

I wanted her to relieve me of the chaotic chatter in my mind. To halt the constant motion in me so I could catch up with myself.

And when I stood upon her shore and breathed the cold crisp air she spun into me, I found the peace I was searching for.


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