The Gift

Of course it was unexpected……the best gifts are!


When I left the house dark grey clouds had already drifted across the sky. I was not surprised, there’s a saying in Boston…if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change… But this time it changed for the worse; trading the bright blue sky of the morning for rolls of dull grey ironed out across it just as I was getting my gear together to head out to Walden. With the outdoor temperature registering about 42 degrees fahrenheit and the tops of the trees waving vibrant red and orange, I wanted the sun. Nevertheless today I felt exhilarated as I headed out along route 128. Exhilaration unlike I remembered feeling before when heading out for a swim in such conditions.


Yesterday I swam for the first time since last Sunday having been in Rhinebeck NY at a workshop all week. The workshop was worth missing swimming for, teaching me to tap into the vibration of love that I, that we all carry inside; the wisdom of our true self, and in learning to live by it, let go of the fears that inhibit the growth of our souls. Yesterday as I was being tossed around by the wind stirred water it suddenly dawned on me, the hardest thing about getting back into the water after an absence at this time of year, is the fear of what will it be like today?
Today I vowed not to let that fear overtake me. I knew I could do it. I take precautions; wetsuit, neoprene cap, vaseline on my hands, (probably the most susceptible part of the body and the most difficult to manage should they get too cold). my grip strength deteriorates making it difficult to change out of wet gear. Getting dry and warm fast are important in these conditions.

Driving along route 128 looking up at the sky my exhilaration increased. The silver light of the sun silhouetted the lower edges of clumps of clouds, white translucent beams splayed out from the thin seams in others, reaching toward the earth like a fan, and patches of pale blue sky peered out from other spots where the clouds had pulled apart completely. It was a good omen, a sign.
When I reached the pond and was standing on the beach talking to my girlfriend and the couple of other swimmers who had gathered, the sun beamed out of the sky, shining with her full force of warmth upon me. Then I heard someone say “Is that snow?” Minutes later I too noticed the fine particles of white drifting down, sparkling in the sunlight as gravity coaxed them gently toward the sand. But the most amazing gift was yet to come.


marveling at nature’s beauty

As I was walking toward the water I looked up to see a small wisp of cloud. It was the shape of an eyelid. On the upper lid it gleamed a rose color and on its lower, it shone translucent powder blue. I looked around to say to my girlfriend “Have you ever seen anything like that?” but she was ahead of me, already in the water waist deep. I looked away unbelieving. Surely I was ‘seeing things’. But when I turned back it was still there. Pastel pink, white puffs of cloud, translucent blue and woven into the colors in the sky, the most brilliant silver white light.


2 thoughts on “The Gift

    • hi Mark…..thank you once again for reading and for your complimentary comment !!!
      Yesterday when i drove along route 2A (i like it as it is quiet and leafy so it gets me in the Walden mood) i also saw a blue herron…aren’t they just the most magnificent birds!!!… glad we could share that wonder too!…be well, liz


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