Wondering About Trevor

I am not sure what makes me deviate from the path that skirts the pond. Perhaps it is merely that there is a track of flattened snow, now ice, that leads up hill from the cove.
So I climb, deciding to visit the site of Thoreau’s cottage, wondering if anyone has built a snow man or snow cave yet.
I do not expect to see a single white rose propped up against a bank of snow.

Earlier in my walk I have been thinking about Jesi. That in itself is not surprising. I always think about her in some part of my mind. I think about the day, not three months ago, when I bought a small picture of her to the pond and etched We Love You Jesi in the sand (see Christmas day post). Perhaps I think about it today, less than three months later, because there is no sand. Only snow.
Time… Change… Transience.

Life, This
And the Next…

I think about Soul. Understanding the soul’s journey is become an obsession with me since Jesi left us for her Next… Great… Journey…

So when I come across the single long stem white rose nestled in the snow and read the inscription on the wooden heart tied around the stem

I stop in my tracks and stare.

I wonder about Trevor, about the people that loved him.
I wonder what tore him away from them.
What Walden meant to him.
And to them.

I wonder whether Trevor and Jesi have met up there.
Beyond my comprehension in that never-ending blue.
I wonder if Trevor has found happiness as I believe Jesi has.
I wonder whether Trevor’s friends know what I know
about where Trevor is now.

I wonder if it would console them as it has consoled me.

I wonder a lot of things as I continue to walk around the pond.
Never meeting a soul.
Yet knowing there are a zillion souls out there watching me
As I walk
And wonder.




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