Walden Snows

Despite temperatures in the Fahrenheit teens and wind chills the other side of zero, a return of the sun and blue skies sent me to full throttle to Walden today.


Boston has been buried in snow since I was at Walden last. Over 72 inches have fallen in three weeks. That, I am told, is equivalent to cumulative snowfalls for Boston for two seasons… and the coming weekend promises more.

It’s hard to believe that two days ago I was wearing a swimsuit and now I am in thermal underwear, two sweaters (one wool and one fleece) and a winter coat, lined pants, wool socks, snow boots, thinsulate gloves and a knitted beanie….

Selfie on the Pond

Selfie on the Pond

On Wednesday I traded the blue ocean which rolled under the Sydney Harbor Bridge for two feet of pristine snow over a ninety foot deep ice covered kettle pond….all in less than the twenty-four hours it takes to move from summer into winter… from one end of the globe to the other…

Sydney Harbour from Above

Sydney Harbour Summer

Walden in Winter

Walden in Winter

But although so much has changed in the landscape of my life over this past week, one thing arches over all… the brilliant blue sky that connects us to all things.

an exposed patch of the frozen pond

an exposed patch of the frozen pond

in the middle of the pond

another unusual structure built on the pond

arches over Walden

the path around the pond

the pond path


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