Still Wondering About Walden…

And after the ‘blizzard of 2015’ and three feet of snow in Boston early last week I still have something to wonder about…

Especially when a friend described the scene to be ‘almost like an apocalypse’

What was also interesting to me was the fact that Sydney Australia (where I am writing from) was drowning in the most rain it had seen in a two day period for two years at the exact time that Walden was being plummeted by record breaking snow falls. And I mean at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.

It is not news that the weather patterns all over the world are changing, so perhaps I should not have been too surprised. It is not as though torrential downpours are uncommon in Australia. I still remember the lines from Dorothea Mackellar’s famous poem ‘My Country’ that I and all Australian school kids learnt…
‘a land of droughts and flooding rains’

And other opposites (after all Sydney is on the opposite side of the planet to Boston) between the two locations do not go unnoticed. Day/Night…Winter/Summer…

Often when talking to my mum in Sydney scorching bushfires are ravaging some part of Australia while Boston is being preserved in ice.

To my friends and family it is no news that I love the summer, the sun, warmth and blue skies. Becoming accustomed to the Boston winter has taken a long adjustment which I have not yet (after fifteen years) mastered. Hence my visit to my homeland to escape it.

It was glorious to be greeted by sun and blue skies just under two weeks ago. My sister joked how she had hesitated to tell me of the rain Sydney had been experiencing the week before I arrived! When after five days the rain returned with gusto (perhaps that is an Australian expression???) and the prediction was that it would continue into the week I greeted it cheerily, nevertheless hopeful that the predictions would be wrong.
They have been, we are back to sunshine, warmth and blue skies here.

The second of my interesting observations… this time of myself… was to realize that despite the rain pouring out of the sky in bucketfuls, it did not dampen my spirits. Compared to winter storm Juno bludgeoning the east coast of America, I was grateful to be experiencing only record breaking rains.

Perhaps my only regret, I was not able to see Walden with her pristine cloak of glistening snow, (though my family in Boston assures me it will still all be there when I return!) And in the last 24 hours there has been an additional foot or so of snow in Boston’s north west, which includes Concord where Walden Pond lies buried under it.

If not looking forward to returning to the cold white of winter, I am at a least looking forward to making good use of my camera when i return in just over a week.

And i am left wondering, WILL THERE BE MORE SNOW between now and then???


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