She that is Light

I swam alone.
Alone, that is, until I had battled the wind against me, blowing the water into waves into my goggles and cheeks.
Turning to breathe air and swallowing Walden.
Past Sandy Point and into the calm which I knew would come as soon as I reached the other shore.
Still water reflecting a dark forest.
A clouded sky.

Thoreau Cove, where she had come to me before…

My thoughts returned to she that is light glowing like a blaze through a hole in the grey obliterating blue.
Jesi are you here with me? I asked my breath.
She came then. Filling my lungs and my belly as if she were nourishing me.

Filling me with her spirit.

I knew she had come.
Sometimes I just know it without knowing why it feels different.

But it does.

So I swam knowing I can always reach her and she will touch me if I believe.


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