Angel in the Pond

I returned to Walden today. Sunny. The air cooler than I remembered. It had been over a week since I had been here.
Life overtaken.
And death.

There was a new presence in the pond. Rising out of the white light above me. Sky as blue as polished nails. Slender fingers painted by her loving twin.

I looked for the Buddha that watches over me but could not see his golden face. Instead, Hers. Young, blemished with the scars of cancer. Skin so smooth as her sixteen years. Radiant.

She watches over me now.
She that was my daughter.
Now my angel.

I found her again in the pond after I lost her to life three days ago.
At peace. Strong and fearless, protecting me as I once protected her.
She who was my daughter.
Now my guardian angel.


8 thoughts on “Angel in the Pond

  1. I’m so sorry about your daughter. I just discovered your blog today. I’m a Walden/spirit swimmer, too, and will bring to the water my own good intentions for you both next time I’m in. My own guardians and protectors meet me there at the pond, as well.


    • thank you Sue…..I hope i meet you sometime as we enjoy the miracles Walden has to offer….my daughter loved Walden as she knew I did….i see her sitting on the beach as she did on Mothers Day when we were there together when i swim…her radiant smile…her composure….one so young who knew so much…..and when i walked up the ramp after my swim yesterday….i smiled back at the pond…..she was there…an angel in the sunlight….thank you for your intentions , liz


      • Hi Liz — I’ve had an episode of enlarged lymph nodes that my doctor thinks is connected to the elevated levels of bacteria in the pond and I wonder if you’ve had any trouble, or have thoughts about it. In June, I was warned one morning about e coli levels. After I started getting sick in mid-July, I learned about the enterococcus after doing a google search.

        I’ve been swimming for nearly 20 years and never gotten sick. It’s difficult and disturbing, and I’m wondering how you’re coping, and whether you have more information. I saw your post where you mentioned the enterococcus..

        I hope you’re well!

        – Sue


      • Hi Sue….i’m so sorry to hear about your physical issues …. i understand both how worrying this is from a medical standpoint and upsetting that our dear pond is beginning to feel unsafe in this way

        i swam very early on in the season after heavy rainfall…..not knowing, as the water quality test results were not available at the time that the bacteria level was high ….. following that i had some GI upset, diarrhea no vomiting, which resolved but for about a week I was getting some low grade stomach pains ….. in early july, when it was publicized that enterococcus was the culprit, I swam in the less populated side of the pond and may have had mild symptoms of the same nature….i have not experienced enlarged lymph nodes ……
        I am so sorry not to be able to help further ….
        the water testing on a tuesday and not having the results available until the thursday is clearly disturbing in itself given the weather conditions and the usage in the hot summer months
        i will be thinking about you in the pond and sending healing messages that you may still enjoy the beauty of it and also very soon resolve your medical situation
        all the very best to you


      • Thank you, Liz. I sent an email with questions to the state parks department, the Thoreau Society, and to the woman who wrote the piece for the Globe. I wondered about the lack of information about potentially serious health issues related to the bacteria in the pond, and also the source(s) of the bacteria, which they seem to never fully investigate or disclose. For one, keeping the bathrooms clean and making them baby friendly would help — esp if enterococcus, which reportedly comes from human feces. My biggest question is, however, with various orgs responsible for the park (the state) and the history legacy (Thoreau Society), who is the steward of the water?

        I’m happy to keep you posted on what-ever more I might learn but no worries if you’d rather keep a clear space/head.


      • Hi Sue ….. Thank you for keeping me informed and please continue to do so if it isn’t a problem for you ….. I know many of the Walden community are concerned with ‘the stewardship of the water’ as you so beautifully put it ….. that the water may not only remain clean for us now but also in the future …. Thoreau bathed daily in the pond and I know many ‘regulars’ as i am sure you do, who ascribe to the healing as well as cleansing properties of the water
        I hate to think that a shortsighted attitude will jeopardize the future use of the pond for all, especially as there is construction of the environmentally sensitive visitors center underway at the moment …. all the best in your endeavors Liz


  2. Hi Liz; thank you for sharing the beautiful poem you wrote about Jesi. It is so comforting to know that she is watching over you. I am overjoyed that your guardian angel is at Walden and wherever you go. I feel her loving presence especially when I pet Penny and Beau. I have been giving them extra attention and I know that it’s coming from Jesi’s heart.
    You are In my thoughts all the time,


    • Kathy… is so nice to hear from you….
      Jesi has left us all a legacy….to know what is really important in life….and to act with kindness toward each other…..animals and other humans alike….she taught me so much…and still is….she lives on in all of us now xxxx liz


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