My Struggle Across the Pond.

Some days, no matter how I look at it, it is a struggle to get across that pond….
No matter how many times I might have swum it, every stroke I swim seems like my first stroke ever.

I stood outside my daughters hospital room talking to the chaplain this afternoon….”Acceptance, she said is acknowledging where you are…..It’s ok to get angry or sad or frustrated about it….It’s about being real about where you are….”

I took that message to the pond…
To where I was today in the pond today….Exhausted, feeling like stopping in the middle. Accepting I was too tired to go on

Some days we are all too tired to go on…
Have you ever realized just what happens at times of great difficulty in your life?

I have

Accepting the reality of the situation allows me to overcome it

I push even harder to go on….

As though something inside me wakes up to the challenge
It’s what I call spirit.

When the body and the mind want to give in and the spirit takes over.



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