Mothers Day at Walden

Jesi shared with me some of her memories of Walden during our visit this afternoon.

We walked, arms linked and barefoot through the cool clear water.      IMG_0844

Memories of how, as a three year old, she sat at the water edge making castles out of saturated sand. How she was afraid of the black silty suspension as it washed in and out on the tideless tide.

We turned our backs on the water and walked toward the stone wall that edged the cement. She remembered how she tried again and again to build castles in the stony dry sand. “Remember how we picnic’d here, how I climbed up and down the stone steps with Kari and Chris. How we ate our sandwiches,” she said.

This afternoon we sat watching summer return to the pond. In the shade soaking up spring air turning into summer. We watched as the first swimmers cruised out among the waves and the first bathers stretched out on towels and tanned themselves.

The sun and warmth returned. It was a special afternoon. An afternoon visit of a mother and a daughter. A strong courageous girl fighting her second battle with a demon called cancer. A girl who was afraid of the silty black wash. “I was afraid of a lot of things,” she told me.

Yet now, she faces things I have not faced, without flinching or fleeing.

Oh, how we grow up.




If you wish to follow the story of Jesi’s battle with leukemia as she goes through her bone marrow transplant in early June, please visit relapse to recovery at



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