What We Learn.

I stole away with my lunch to walk on the banks of Walden. The wind was brisk, pushing into me. I pushed back with a feeling of exhilaration.

I thought about how satisfying it was, to be forging forward against it. Something tangible to be struggling against.

I watched the water howling into the shore. Remembering the feel of it crashing into me as I would swim into its face. The force pushing back, the will to go forward.

For all the commotion of wind and water, I was soothed by it. Sheltering my salad so it would not be blown away. Wondering what it was that made it so tantalizing, so comforting to be at odds with it.

Is it that water, when pushed by wind and tide, like us goes nowhere? But unlike us, is not bothered by its lack of progress.

What we learn, sitting on stone, watching water run.




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