Freedom on the Ice at Walden

It is so wonderful, so freeing to get in my car and drive I hardly believe I am here.

The sun feels warmer, the silence deeper, the calm sinks into me like breath reaching into the base of my lungs.

I walk, looking at my feet.


You ask if these are my feelings? Looking down into the snow white.


Yet every time I look up I see anew the expanse of beauty. I run my eye along her uninterrupted horizon. The wonder of Walden under ice.


I wonder if the water will ever come back after this winter. Wanting so much to be in it, I think of lying down my back spine along her icy lip. The wanting is so strong I see myself, I feel myself doing it.

What stops me?

I sit upon the ice knowing I will do it.

Nothing moves in the world.                                          IMG_0166

I sit. My buttocks sinking into her.

My back skin crawling along my spine.

Flat to the world of Walden.






Now I am Buddha in the breeze.                                                        IMG_9827

Every sensor in my skin tingles as the breeze blows through me.

My back spine content now I’ve laid upon her.

The ice of Walden


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