My World and Walden

There is no snow in the ten day forecast

There is sun, cloud, rain

that will be beating down on her.

I ache

to see her, walk her snowy path

the last half foot of winter.

I have not seen her since the three storm week began so long ago

i do not remember.


view from a Lexington window

view from a Lexington window

…It is so pretty, so….. ‘winter magical here’

Looking out suburban windows

the woods in white

Looking at what the storm leaves…


Inside the hospital room my daughter sleeps,

(I am not there but I am never far away

From Lexington to Boston and back again)

Her body sieged by storm, her skin a burst of bonfires

Each leaving its own crater of debris

Fusarium outed by drugs and neutrophils.


She waits, patiently inside her

for her healing light to ignite

once the storm is clear.


Some storms move slow,

and fierce

Her storm


Her body’s slow resistance

Stirring into fight


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