Walden Sun to Walden Moon

I needed that.

I needed the smooth slight sheen that the sun spun onto her. To see it. To be immersed in it.

I needed to weave my black torso into and out of her. Skimming her dark edged satin.

I needed her stillness.

I needed to still my mind of the thousand and one worries that have crazed it. That I bring into her. That bought me to her.

I needed her to stifle them as her cold stifled my body, grasping it in inches around my ribs. Along my fingers. Inside my socks. On my soles.

My soul needed to swim so I went to Walden.

And as I immersed myself in the rhythm of my breath, I watched the golden pencils of sun reaching down to me. I watched the dark shadows of the woods engulf me. I watched a spec I thought to be the moon rise over me.

And then I saw the plump full face of the moon smiling down on me.


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