Walden Chronicles XIII – Australian Crawl 2

This Australian Crawl on surface of a pond you hear me speak of…

Perhaps you wonder why it draws me? Why I seek this transformation to beetle man for as many moments as it is possible for me to breathe and blow bubbles of white blue air through pond water every day?

I will say this…

I am Australian. It is in me. This breathe blow rhythm of living. I was born into Sydney Sunday surfing blue. Out of a deep harbor cradling me.

I breathe to go home.

When I am beetle man I go home inside my breath. My body dissolves inside the blow of my breath out. I push every cell of me into the water and blow me home. I am beetle man inside a metronome of moving beetle parts. The only body I become is rhythm. Perfect rhythm and balance and this is harmony inside the breath blow of bubble song.

The left right beat of my beetle limbs. The sharp thin pointed things that grasp over to catch as much of the uncatchable water in beetle claw in perfect synchronicity with the pull under. The small arc strong effect snap flap up down of feet feelers. They propel me home.

And I am home.

Walden and Australia Crawling are my home.



Addendum to my Readers.

On Monday I go home for a short stay by a means other than my breath. So if my blog remains un-up-dated, (I cannot blog about Walden from Australia,) please forgive me.

However, I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I so so greatly appreciate it :-), and I assure you, I will be back at Walden in early July and eager to be swimming and writing once more.

Again, thank you so much for visiting, reading and following the wonder of Walden.



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