Walden Chronicles XII – Australian Crawl 1

It begins as it always begins.

Stroke. Turn. Breathe. Blow. Only now, it happens quickly. Because I have become accustomed to this new way of moving. This new form that I am.

The transformation.

I have, after all become man-water-in-sect. After days and days of navigating Walden with the Australian Crawl. I become it.

The beetle like body. The elbows that retract like feelers behind and above the body, sharp, thin, pointed things, before they reach and stretch forward grasping as much uncatchable water in their cupped claws as they are able. First left. Then as it pulls back under beetle body, the right is reaching, grasping, cupping and pulling in perfect synched opposition.

And from beyond beetle body, the rear, long limb legs, almost straight, (though they do possess a joint,) raised pads of feet feelers snap flap up and down in perfect synched opposition. Little splash, small arc. Strong effect.

It is man movement in pond as efficient as water in-sect can provide. Australian Crawl. On surface of a pond.


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