Walden Chronicles-VII Why I Swim

My head thumps. My head thumps since Thursday. Thursday when temperatures into the eighties took me to Walden.

On the beach inside black skin churning sweat heat and late day sun beating on sand on water inviting me. I think warm. So I leave black skin swim cap on stone.

Dive in. Look down. Sun through water green light synthesis of plant. Mouth blow strong away.

Feel the creeping fringe of cold fingering skin putting out furnace of day heat. Edging under hair line, under skin line, into bones of skull.

I am swimming skimmingly. The water sailing under black torso long and sleek and slender. Feel it slipping effortless by as in life I race through day not knowing where it is I am going.

Really. Where is it we are going with such haste?

Yet with such perfect motion I am hooked into the act of doing.

I feel the cold inching into the bones of my hands, my palms crawling up the nerves paths into fingers telling them to close down circuits to my command. My brain is curling in at the corners cringing in the cold of spring flow current of the tideless winded water. Yet it works, it speaks to me of cold. It directs the finger children to “group together, lay flat against each other, for you work best against the water if you work together.” But they won’t. The message sent, gets lost.

And I am lost to the rhythm of the skimming slender black form that I was. Now sunken limbs I am bending curled cold knowing the meaning of it is to struggle back to sand to rock to sun to warm where brain and fingers will shape, will work words again.

Tap keys to write stories of where life races me without me knowing where it is I am going.

And still three days later brain thumps reminders that it doesn’t like racing me into the cold unknowing.


2 thoughts on “Walden Chronicles-VII Why I Swim

  1. Love the pictures of the cool glimmering water but I’ll have to settle for a cool shower before I crawl in bed in a few minutes. These soaring temps have sent my migraine brain into a tailspin. Have been fatigued, have been in a migraine cycle for 20 days w/ maybe 2 days of “vacation.” Tmr. I will match my worst record … what a horrible record to break! Have been having aura lately … used to get that routinely when I was a teenager, so feels very strange to be experiencing that again.
    Stay cool ~ Migraine Mistress


    • wow…i just looked at your blog…my heart and head reach out to your’se in sympathy and i salute your courage to report so openly your plight..i do not find it easy to gather my thoughts enough to write while in the experience of it yet you endeavor to do just that….i hope the writing helps and your new dental/migraine treatment also…i feel lucky to have a relatively minor problem considering what you seem to you through…thank you fro reading my blog and i hope you get some real answers that help soon..liz


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