Walden Chronicles…continuing April’s Fool

Memories folded in wetsuit waiting. Hollow legs. Unarmed sleeves.

I plug my ears to keep out the chill. The voice of the wash, roar of the wind waves racing. The sun leaves, pulling the next, a threatening backdrop across the sky. I fumble. Committed. Unsure. Clawed hands, gloved to hold the cold. I wade in. I am surrounded now. If I continue upright it slowly finds its way inside. If I plunge it quick creeps inside my spine.

I imagine… long thin splinters of transparent ice. All winter, lain glassy eyed over puddles now infiltrate my suit. Fracture skin.

The skin around my lips is searing cold. The back of my neck, fierce scorched. Ice burn. And then, they start falling from the sky. Tiny pearls of ice. The water snaps at them. They bounce back into sky. I struggle on in breath and body lurch. Stranded black thing immersed in water. Flapping arms in waves, in merciless swell of winded water. Takes me where she will.

My first swim for the season…I struggle ashore…April’s fool.


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