Ice Popsicles at Walden

With the first wink of sun escaping the cloud cover that had shrouded Boston, I stole a few minutes on Thursday to drive out to Walden to see the pond.

With every visit comes a new and unexpected flood of images.

I find this to be one of the most exciting aspects of visiting the pond in winter. I never quite know how she will feed my inner self, what will open in my soul and rush letters into words like a salt swell in my mouth.

So I allow myself to be open to the experience and wait to see what comes. I walk down the ramp and glance though winter bare trees at her spread as she is, silently waiting on the other side of the cyclone wire that separates us.


Broken                                                                            Ice chops

Chattering blocks


Rivulets                                                          a running corridor of water

Ice keeling like a boat hull listing

Ice like ice popsicles rocking back and forth in the wind

she howls

Rafts of ice unmoored

PLUNK                                                  IMG_6286






Only the soul of walden

And the sun and the wind

And the frozen water

Groaning under the Weight of Winter

the weight of white

the weight of white…the weight of ice


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