The Healing Power of Water…of Walden…of Geothermal Springs

This afternoon I was reading a book, The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. The section I was reading, ‘Journal of the Movement of the World No 1’ subtitled ‘staying centered without losing your shorts’ speaks about the tendency we as human beings have to be always on the move. That is to say, when we have the intention (in our mind) of leaving the place we are in, our body is already somehow manifesting that intention.

We are never fully, or rarely are we ever fully grounded in the space we are occupying. I know this tendency. Even as I work against it, I find myself falling back into it.

Yoga and meditation have been teaching me, and continue to teach me to avert the tendency that my modern multi-tasking life creates. Yoga and meditation teach me awareness of my faults.

When I sit and feel the essence/core of my self center in the root chakra, the grounding, the integration of my energies, I feel and then only know I am in the space that my physical body occupies. A moment though, and it is lost to me. I am as gone from it as I am today from Walden Pond.

Another realization.

Reading Muriel Barbery’s passage this afternoon, I am far from Walden Pond.

I am sitting on a beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica at Playa Grande. Yet thoughts of Walden occasionally pass through my mind. Phone calls to my kids  remind me of how cold it has been in Boston.

Before I arrived at Playa Grande, I spent a day and a half in the Arenal Volcano area in the northern tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. I visited two very different geothermal springs.

I felt pulled as if by invisible strings to find these places of geothermic water. Water rising from the core of the earth. Water warmed from the source of all existence. To allow their healing to come into me.  

What pulls me to the center, the deepest aspect of Walden Pond?

the source

the source

That is where I seek refuge when I am troubled by issues for which I can find no answers. My daughter’s diagnosis of leukemia took me there.

Many times in her treatment I swam straight into the center. I believe, as her dad understands and knows her treatments, that as much as they, the key to her continued remission is held in that spiritual place in and under and above where Walden’s water meets the sky.

Year’s ago, I wrote a series of poems about that line of divide. I called it the ‘Universal Fine.’

So what pulled me to visit the geothermal springs?

It is something in the unknown source of Walden Pond (a kettle pond with no known inlet or outlet). It is something about water rising up out of the earth’s core in Costa Rica. It is something I believe about the healing power of the natural world.

The healing power of water…IMG_5673

running water on stone...costa rica

running water on stone…costa rica

still water as ice...walden on January 17 2013

still water as ice…walden on January 17 2013


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