When Not Seeing is Knowing: A Misty Walden.

IMG_5308 IMG_5314

The morning rose opaque.       I was drawn to the pond. I wanted to stand on the ice drenched sand, the chilled freeze sweeping round my jean legs. To be cloaked by the thick grey density of it all. Like when you have something weighty on your mind, and straining to see through the fog of the unanswerable question brings perspective.

When you cannot see for the opaqueness of air…

When all clarity is missing…


I went to meditate. I stood on the sand, my hands in prayer position. I closed my eyes.

I saw violet light. Rich and vivid, infused with the light missing from the sky.

Green. My heart chakra opening. Softening. My chest cavity falling away like sand under bare feet dissolved in water.

I am moving and yet I am still. Sinking into my self and rising into the white opaque above like luminescence.

I am silver expanding. Startlingly so alive with pulses I feel them in my head, my heart. My body sways back.

Throbbing silver pulses.                       IMG_5266


I am back in that opaque grey morning.

Yet within, a sense of peace I had not held before.


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