Conversation With The Pond

The sun is brilliant early afternoon,

(an unbelievable mid fifties for late November)


The water, ruffled, talks to me of breeze

I glide like I belong.

Perhaps after coming faithful for a season, she feels I do.

She has been waiting for me to roll gentle whispers over her

Like vibrations

Waves radiating.


Something is pulling me

I am swimming into her furtherest bowl, her deepest secret whispers

I feel my belly, her belly, the umbilical cord

That speaks without words

Saying silent goodbye

Until spring.


Moving silky smooth

Telling her now, how I am rising


I glide in creamy syrup smooth

I say thank you

I flow

She rolls up and over and all around and

I am slippery satin in her.


She answers, holding me

Taking me sailing

Skimming through her waters

The power of her waters

Letting go to let me pass

My body riding her side to side

My feet flowing like feathers

in my watery wake.


And she like a mother

Sending a child into the winter

With the promise of spring.


And While All This

The sun lies behind the trees

winking shining eyes

At Us.


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