Looking Back and Looking Forward

Giving Back Not Up

I’m thinking of going swimming tomorrow though i am not expecting to enjoy the experience one hundred percent. I felt the turn with my last swim, on Saturday.

But it is Thanksgiving. And though many would say, ‘It’s just a Pond,’ Walden has given me much more than just a venue for swimming this, and for many years now.

There are days when i slide in between her and the air she wears, and immediately come in sync with her waters, slipping and sliding and knowing i belong. There are days when i take my petty human tragedies to her, or my grievances, and thrashing and beating on her till i am raw with fatigue, i ask forgiveness. I stop, look around me, and realize how small a creature i am in the scheme of things. How spectacular the sky, the clouds, the trees.

I was looking back in my archives and i found this poem i wrote about swimming on Thanksgiving Day 2007. I want to share a fragment of it…

I am focused on the sky now

not the icy reflection my body is immersed in.

My self is absorbed in losing the fragments

of my toes, the numbing fingers

to the heavens that stretch beyond.

The white light sky that dances on the edge

of this and that.


The ice cream swirl in my brain

brings summer days spent dancing.

Laughter fills the cavities of my frozen ears.

The mirror of my eye throws back

the colors of fall.


Decaying life composts another year

of my uncharted journey

as I greet my shore

and home…

Breathing through the soul of Walden.




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