Fear and Fearlessness

A few years ago when I was working on an ashram I attended classes on the Bhagavad Gita. I don’t remember much, except that one of the lessons I took away from the story was the recognition of the place of fearlessness in “liberation.” (meaning spiritual liberation). It makes sense, doesn’t it.

This idea has stuck with me. Not that I see myself as anywhere near achieving “moksha” or self realization. But in my own small human way I constantly try to remember to reset my thermostat on it. As I get older, I recognize just how much of my adult life fear tries to sneak into my thinking and direct my action. With life experience, knowledge of all those things that have and could go wrong, the time radar moving rapidly in my direction with all those things that will go wrong, (you know, this physical body, like an old car, transporting the young spirit, breaking down) the “what if’s” tend to accumulate like a to do list before end of year deadlines.

When I got up this morning, the sun was already smiling weakly over the roof tops. Though the weather app on my phone told me she had no warmth in her smile. Actually she was giving me the cold shoulder. Twenty six degrees fahrenheit. But she said she’d climb to the high forties later. 🙂

I watch the weather. An obsession? Perhaps. But I am still thinking about Walden, about immersion.

About the experience.

Today? Tomorrow?

About Thanksgiving and my gratitude for the connection with the earth, water and the sky that she has made possible.

The weather on Thursday looks sunny and perhaps warmer.

This morning I used sound. The Perfect Fifth. (tuning forks C and G). When I held them vibrating, one to each ear, and imagined being in that deepest part, the bowl of Walden, I went there for a moment. Sitting in my apartment, my feet below the chair, they connected to the earth core. The imaginary light rising out of the crown chakra extended far beyond the kitchen ceiling. The sound waves surrounding my head created a cocoon. An envelope of Safety. Peace. Silence. And then I think. Fear? Why fear?

So I am wondering what the sound of Walden is like?



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