Giving Walden Up

I wasn’t going to swim today…the temperature…i watch the weather channel on my smart phone like a bird of prey watches potential dinner….said high 45…..and then in small print below that large-as-life-4-5 ….feels like 37..but from my 2nd floor apartment, the kitchen window, it looks glorious

I know it won’t last

I know the day will come when i’ll swim, and then, with fingers as useless as wax, that don’t have the strength to push at putty, (more importantly to push down on the electronic lock in my car)

I look at my overly pink fingers, they sort of “curl” the smallest joints do not have the strength to be useful at all, the joint in the middle of my fingers, or at the base of my thumb, not much more. I am pushing them down between the neoprene which grasps my ankles and my stony skin. I wont be able to get out of my wetsuit…

Incidentally, my wet suit is new….after years and years of swimming friends persuading me, I finally went out a bought, on special, a real ‘full wetsuit‘

Boy am I happy!!


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